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Woodrow Wilson Monument

Woodrow Wilson Monument

US President Woodrow Wilson’s strong support for the formation of an independent Czechoslovak state has not been forgotten. Initiated and funded by Americans of Czech and Slovak descent, a larger-than-life sized monument of the President was erected in 1928 in Prague, across from the main train station, which was renamed “Wilson Station” in his honor. However, the Nazis tore down the Wilson Monument on December 12, 1941, after the US declared war on Germany and Japan. Following WWII, Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk, the son of President Masaryk, installed a plaque at the site in 1946, only to be removed again after the communist takeover in 1948. The Wilson monument was rebuilt and rededicated on October 5, 2011, by the American Friends of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, and the Metropolitan District of Prague 1, as an enduring symbol of the friendship between the United States and the Czech Republic.

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