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Unique Photo Exhibition, Czech-American? Zoom In!

Unique Photo Exhibition, Czech-American? Zoom In!

The Czech people celebrate 100 years of independence and sovereignty throughout the year 2018. As part of these commemorations, the Embassy of the Czech Republic reached out to individuals, schools, business, and organizations across the United States and welcomed Americans of Czech heritage to submit a photo of what it means to be Czech-American to them.

The collection, the best of the submitted photos, depicts utmost pride and immense love for Czech heritage, language, intellect, theater, cuisine, products, and life. Underlined with a bit of nostalgia yet brightly glowing with continuation and sincere celebration, the photos of the young, old and remembered clearly demonstrate the vivid and thriving inspiration brought about by Czech-American transatlantic ties and friendships in the past, present, and the next centennial.

The exhibition was presented to the public on May 12 during the Czech Embassy’s open house, to which almost 4,000 visitors came to soak in Czech culture and heritage. At the open house, the guests received a historical overview of the last centennial and learned about significant personalities who have contributed to the profound Czech-US connections. In addition the photographs in the exhibition offered a glimpse into the communities and everyday lives of Czech-Americans from all corners and plains of the United States.

The Embassy thanks all the participants who hold a special place in their hearts for the Czech Republic.

The photos may be viewed electronically in the photo gallery at this LINK.

Photo Credit: Marisa Rotter

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